Portrait of Bonnie Charles Stuart courtesy of post to Facebook by Lionel le Scornec on March12, 2020.

Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

by the Secret Society of Jacobites

​A Historical & Non-fictional Book

Carolingian - Stuart - Jacobite - Orleans

Is there a cadet branch of the Orleanists who have Carolingian descent as prophesied by the Roman Catholic Church?




There is a little sinister secret, but this historical account is 


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Louis-Philippe I d'Orléans - "The Fat"

Father of Louis Philippe I - "Citizen King" 

Wikipedia - Public Domain

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English Royalty from Wessex to Stuart to Windsor (Herein exists the Jacobite connection).

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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!


Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

Book - European Royalty - Carolingian, Scottish, and French History

Houses of Charlemagne, Stuart, & Orléans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

"A scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome and behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans. He shall destroy the Ottoman Empire and all heresies. With the assistance of God and of the Pope, he will cooperate in the reformation of abuses; he will assume the direction of temporal governments; he will assign a decent pension to the Pope and also the bishops and clergy. And they all will live in peace which shall last till the End of Time."


- Roman Catholic Prophecy - Capuchin Friar (18th century).

France might have a Carolingian King!

Read about it!

 Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

by The Secret Society of Jacobites

Book - Livre - Stuart - Orleans

Traditionalist Claimant

The Secret Society of Jacobites tells a different story.

When one looks very carefully, ah yes, there does indeed appear to be a King with his family in France.

The Louvre curators should design a permanent Royal Wing Exhibit for Founding Father and Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, King of the Franks.

The French Tomb is not empty although Mona Lisa still smirks. But now, we may smile with her ironically as the Seat in Versailles had gathered dust, but perhaps, the good news is too good. Feather dusters have come by, and the wind blows through the glass pyramid echoing and whistling, and something or someone comes alive in the heart of France.

The Maiden of Orleans, Joan of Arc, heralded a King a long time ago.....in a Republic, the people choose. For the sake of respecting the French heritage, should a Carolingian Scion be rightfully honored? The rightful King should take the Seat.

There is a reason the Jacobites or Stuarts "over the waters" in Great Britain claimed a right to the throne of France. There was a high affair that was somehow kept secret through time because it was so controversial and truly dastardly that a secret society formed to keep a mystery hidden until the right time....Is there not a striking physical dissimilarity between the dark and short Bourbons and these blond and tall descendants of King Louis Philippe II Joseph d'Orleans? It is not dispositive proof that blond and tall Bonnie Charles Stuart was the biological father of Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans based on strikingly similar physical features alone. But, there is further evidence pointing to a Scion of Charlemagne living today in France? 

Wikipedia and French history reports that French King Egalite Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans insinuated that his father was a "coachman at the Palais-Royale." To whom was he referring?

Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart!

Secret Society of Jacobites in the News

Likewise, although subtle, the innuendo made by the French government and curators at the Louvre by selecting I.M. Pei's Glass Pyramid implies that when one looks into the Royal Tomb of France, no one is there. The French tomb is empty after the French Revolution. The Kings have essentially been beheaded and there is no Patriarch of France. And the world marvels, apparently, at this ironic display of a grand nothing. Is it not national shame? Is it not a parade celebrating patricide? Is it not pomp and circumstance teased with guilt and with grief?

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Monarch Prophecies:Charlemagne Returns

France might have a Carolingian King!

Philippe II, Duke of Orléans

Grandfather of Louis-Philippe I (the Fat")
Wikipedia - Public Domain

UK - English Full Color Edition
ISBN: 978-0-578-73008-0
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 French Jacobin King Louis Philippe II Joseph d’Orleans (1747-1793)

Portraits of the French "Pretender King" as a Boy and Man.

Wikipedia - Public Domain 2017.

The time of imminent peril to the Royal Family in France likely has passed. So, it was thought that the secrets kept by the Jacobites were nigh time to be revealed. This is the sacred book that attempts to piece together true historical genealogical accounts of how a descendant of Charlemagne lives today. 

The Roman Catholic Prophets were not wrong. No, rather, they were right. We are helping to restore Christendom and glorify God.

Although it is now clear why this historical account remained a secret, these events should not come as a surprise. The Holy Bible is full of mankind’s foibles worked out by God for good. King David committed adultery and murder, but Jesus became a descendant nonetheless. Jacob had to trick his father Isaac into giving him birthright blessings. And so on and so forth. The acts of God may seem befuddling at times, but nonetheless, a Carolingian Scion might walk the earth today. We hope you join in the celebration of the possible beginning of the return to Christendom.

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Who are the royal Jacobites?

Although some of us claim to be Freemasons, we Jacobites are ideally followers of Jacob, also known as "Israel," and adhere to his spiritual, yet secular mission to help establish Zion around the world. What is Zion? Zion is any place earth meets heaven. We believe it is known by many names depending on the religion and worship of God. In the East, for example, the so-called "Mandate of Heaven" existed to establish heaven on earth as led by the kings and queens or gods and goddesses of the earth. "Israel" calls this family of gods and goddesses, the Elohim. Jacob called it his angelic family. Jesus then came to share His inheritance with us Christians by inviting us to join this holy family or priesthood.

We are not conspiracy theorists, although we are a secret society divulging some of our secrets. We technically are not adversaries of Catholicism despite the non-mutual wariness the Church understandably has for secret societies; in fact, we believe in a Supreme God. In reaching out to the world, however, we try to appeal to all the different nations of the world. Humbly, we acknowledge that we are Judeo-Christian in spirit foremost, and yet, God is Omniscient and Supreme over all the world. We understand Pope Benedict XVI's concern about Freemasons: some go too far into heresy. Freemasonry is about constructing governments and this brings religion into the secular world, which can introduce heresy. We understand that risk to doctrine, creed, and belief. Hopefully, you may approach the Jacobites with an open mind and find that we honestly also aim to praise and worship the good God. Perhaps we are an aspect of the Universal Church. Perhaps some of us have envisioned a peaceful Zionic world, a New World Order.

Jacobite Secret: Of the Two Houses pictured above,

Who is the likely Father of the person pictured below? 

Jacobite Scottish-English Prince Bonnie Charles Stuart (1720-1788) 

Portraits of the British "Pretender King" as a Boy and Man.

Portrait (boy on left) by Louis Gabriel Blanchet in 1739 & Portrait (man on right) Wikipedia - Public Domain 2017

Most people know that the Pyramids in Egypt were tombs 

or burial sites for their Kings and Royalty.

Secret Society of Jacobites in Scotland Now
Secret Society of Jacobites in the BBC News

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