Secret Society of Jacobites in Scotland Now

     Jacobites historically were British or Scottish and English. Jacobites in France named themselves the Jacobins and, as a secret society, included such revolutionaries such as Maximillian Robespierre and King Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans. However, the Jacobites and Jacobin are still misunderstood today. 


Why did the Jacobin and Jacobites socially engineer the French Revolution?

What were the secrets of the Jacobites/Jacobin?

Are/Were the Jacobin evil?

What really happened and why? What were their motives?

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​     How is this possible? Charlemagne's grandson Charles the Simple escaped Hugh Capet by marrying Alfred the Great's daughter Eagdifu of Wessex, England. His hidden Carolingian descendants ascended to the British Throne as Stuarts....then as the Jacobites and in France, the Jacobin. So, who were these Jacobites/Jacobin? Were they merciless Revolutionaries? Or, were they honoring a Carolingian Scion? This has been a mystery enshrouded in confusion unfortunately for centuries. Perhaps, the time has come to reveal their good intentions for France.

     Bonnie Charles Edward Stuart was known to have had numerous illegitimate affairs. He was in Paris from 1746-1748 when he was expelled from France for being a Jacobite by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle of 1748, sometimes called the Treaty of Aachen, that ended the War of Austrian Succession. Louise Henriette, yes, the wife of Louis Philippe I ("the fat"), was also a woman of disrepute. She apparently was not attracted to her royal husband, Louis Philippe I ("the fat"). Perhaps, Jacobite Bonnie Charles Stuart was the "coachman at the Palais-Royal?" Together, they would have birthed a child between 1746-1748. Conjecture? We think not. There are too many clues....After all, Aachen was the capital city of Charlemagne's Roman Empire.

      Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans, the Jacobin King of France, was born in 1747, which is exactly about 9 months after Bonnie Charles visited France. Why was Bonnie Charles expelled from France by the Treaty of Aachen in 1748 unless he, the Jacobite and Jacobin "Pretender King," did something wrong? Why was the treaty expelling Jacobites from France referred to as the Treaty of Aachen, which is commonly known as the capital of Charlemagne's empire? Unless, Bonnie Charles Stuart was Carolingian, and had an affair with the wife of a Bourbon descendant as the "coachman at the Royal Palace" as Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans jested, then perhaps the Bourbons would not have banished Bonnie Charles from France along with his descendants including Antoine and Charles d'Orleans, the sons of Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans.

      Perhaps a crime happened in France that was so vengeful on behalf of Charlemagne against Hugh Capet, that a secret was born and continues to this day. Bonnie Charles Stuart won the Jacobite Rebellion. However, considering the Christian morals of that medieval society, he had to bury himself in shame for adultery and keep the Jacobite-Carolingian coup a secret until today. Although there may be shame, war is war, and it may finally be safe to reveal the true ancestry of the modern d'Orleans family.​​

"Antoine Philippe d'Orleans, Duc de Montpensier was buried in a vault in the north aisle of Henry VII's chapel in Westminster Abbey but was moved on 25th September 1807 to a new brick vault at the east end of this chapel made for the purpose.

His monument, by sculptor Sir Richard Westmacott, is signed and dated 1830 and is in the south east apsidal chapel. This shows a recumbent effigy lying on a mattress, wearing a coronet of fleurs de lis and dressed in a mantle embroidered with fleurs de lis, with a border of roses. His right hand lies on a book. At the end of the tomb chest is the coat of arms of Orleans within the collar of the Order of the Saint Esprit, surmounted by a coronet of fleurs de lis. The Latin inscription, composed by General Dumouriez, can be translated:

The distinguished and serene prince, Antoine Philippe, Duke of Montpensier, descended from kings, second son of the Duke of Orleans. From a tender youth he was strenuous in arms, unsubdued by fetters, neither broken in adversity nor exalted by good fortune. A constant supporter of the liberal arts, he was cultivated, courteous and agreeable to all.

However tried by the vicissitudes of Fortune, he was yet supported by the generous hospitality of the English, and rests in this truly royal sanctuary. Born 3rd July 1775, died 18th May 1807, aged 31. This stone was erected in memory of a most beloved brother by Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans

The same inscription is inscribed on the wall behind the monument which was obviously the original "stone" referred to. There is also a small shield.

He was the second [the Secret Society of Jacobites allege Antoine was the first born] son of Louis, 5th Duke of Orleans and his "brother" Louis Philippe became King of France. Antoine died while in exile in England. [Brackets added along with quotation marks around brother.]

The remains of Queen Marie of Savoy who died in 1810, wife of Louis XVIII, rested in the vault for a time before she was removed to be buried in Sardinia."

Quoted from Source:

​Interestingly, why was Antoine Philippe interred or laid to rest with the Stuart Dynasty in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Abbey that was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary or Madonna? The only clear reason why Antoine Philippe, son of Louis Philippe Joseph, King of the French, would have been laid to rest with King James I of England and VI of Scotland would have been because they knew he was a descendant of Bonnie Charles Stuart, a descendant of Charlemagne, as indicated by both the Book of the Bible and the Fleur De Lys inscribed in effigy on his sarcophagus in Westminster Abbey, the burial site for English Royalty.

Clearly, a genealogical link existed between Antoine Philippe and the Jacobites that remained a mystery and secret until today. Furthermore, there is good conjecture that Antoine did not die on Salthill in 1807, but rather, he had a child with Charlotte Rawdon against the will of his brother Louis Philippe, of whom it is suspected, he was not the offspring of Bonnie Charles Stuart, the Jacobite. It is suggested on Wikipedia and elsewhere that a certain Louis Philippe refused to bless Antoine and Charlotte for marriage, but in 1814, there was a blonde child in Louis-Charles-Philippe-Raphael d'Orleans. It is therefore suspected that Antoine died not in 1807, but two months after the birth of his child in 1814.

Historians note that Lady Savoy's remains were removed from the tomb of Antoine Philippe, duc d'Montpensier, in 1810, but Antoine had likely not died then. Instead, Antoine's sister was noted in historical records to have made an effigy of Antoine around 1816, and it is suspected his bones were interred at that point in time at Westminster Abbey in England. Then the second sarcophagus was built in 1830. His son, Louis-Charles-Philippe-Raphael d'Orleans, the Duc d'Nemours, then lived on the outskirts of death and intrigue as Capetian Bourbon Louis Philippe took the throne of France. Interestingly, Antoine Philippe may have also been known as the Duc d'Chartres, of which the title may have been passed on to his grandson Robert d'Orleans in a few successive generations. Of note, Antoine, Raphael, and Robert were all similarly banished to America. And modern Carolingian lines may be drawn from Robert down to the Montpensier d'Orleans family to this day. The Carolingian "Pretenders" then have the White Fortress above usually three golden Fleur De Lys on their Emblazon. 

While watching this video, keep in mind it was a much darker time. Times have changed.....

Surely, we can be civil and rational about this peaceful reclamation to the rightful heirs to the kingdom?

      The Secret Society of Jacobites finally wants to reveal their longstanding secret in a new book being released named “Charlemagne d'Orléans!” 

Western European History, as we know it, is all wrong!

       The Jacobites kept their secret under covers since 1747AD. Jacobite Bonnie Charles Edward Stuart was a descendant of the King of France, Charlemagne. But he had a hard time proving this fact. Records were sparse, and many people vied in contention for the Stuart crown. It is well known that Bonnie Charles started a Jacobite Rebellion to put a Stuart back on the Throne of Great Britain, but it was kept secret that he put a Carolingian back on the Throne of France, that had been usurped by the Capetians. Although Bonnie Charles started to build an army, he found he did not have to invade France. He merely travelled over to Versailles and had a secret and clandestine affair with Bourbon mistress, Louise Henriette, who was the wife of Capetian Louis Philippe I nicknamed “the Fat.” 

        Their child Louis Philippe Joseph d’Orleans became King of France during the French Revolution and emblazoned the Fleur de Lis on his Coat of Arms signifying that he was a descendant of Charlemagne. Bonnie Charles was nicknamed the “Pretender King,” as was his secret son, Freemason and King of France Louis Philippe Joseph, who knew himself that he was not a legitimate Capetian. Voila! And so Bonnie Charles Stuart partially won the Jacobite Rebellion, but could not publicly celebrate and make known his sinister victory in France. Hence, the Jacobites kept hidden a secret. The descendant or Orleanist “Pretender King” in France actually is the legitimate Carolingian Scion or claimant to the Throne of France.

      The Roman Catholic Prophecies about a Carolingian Scion have come true in France. Read on. The Christian Kingdom may be alive and well in modern times. It is up to us to take up the gauntlet and finish our Crusade in search for higher purpose and meaning in life. Most people do not know that the Orleanists are the French descendants of Charlemagne, their recognized historic and rightful King of France. This secret reclamation completes, full circle round, the peaceful Revolution for God.
     This Unabridged Book Charlemagne d'Orleans reveals many secrets actually from Hitler's execution by the undercover Free French SS Charlemagne, to Jacob's ladder, to preternatural gifts, to the connection with the English Throne in addition to the secret affair between Bonnie Charles Stuart and Louise Henriette de Bourbon, wife of Louis Philippe I (“the Fat”) that partially made the Jacobite Rebellion a success in France. Much has been kept hidden from historians by the Secret Society of Jacobites. Until it was deemed safe, a return to God through civil Revolution did not seem feasible. Until now. 

Jacobite Secret: Of the Two Houses pictured above,

Who is the likely Father of the person pictured below? 

English Royalty from Wessex to Stuart to Windsor (Herein exists the Jacobite connection).

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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

​​Read Charlemagne d'Orleans

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Jacobite Scottish-English Prince Bonnie Charles Stuart (1720-1788) 

Portraits of the British "Pretender King" as a Boy and Man.

Portrait (boy on left) by Louis Gabriel Blanchet in 1739 & Portrait (man on right) Wikipedia - Public Domain 2017

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Secret Society of Jacobites in the News

English Abridged Edition

Carolingian Genealogy only


​​​Charlemagne d'Orléans

Historical & Non-fictional Book

(Available in English and French)

Louis-Philippe I d'Orléans - "The Fat"

Father of Louis Philippe I - "Citizen King" 

Wikipedia - Public Domain

French Abridged Edition

Carolingian Genealogy only

14.95 Euros

Capetians - Black Eagle
Burgundian, Gaulians, Navarre, Bourbon.

 French Jacobin King Louis Philippe II Joseph D’ Orleans (1747-1793)

Portraits of the French "Pretender King" as a Boy and Man.

Wikipedia - Public Domain 2017.

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"A scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome and behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans. He shall destroy the Ottoman Empire and all heresies. With the assistance of God and of the Pope, he will cooperate in the reformation of abuses; he will assume the direction of temporal governments; he will assign a decent pension to the Pope and also the bishops and clergy. And they all will live in peace which shall last till the End of Time."


- Roman Catholic Prophecy - Capuchin Friar (18th century).


Carolingians - White Eagle - Oriflamme

Male Royal lineage through Charlemagne - Aachen, Wessex, Darnley, Stuart, Orleans, Montpensier, Nemours, Chartres, Guise, Paris.

Female Royal lineage through Hildegaarde-Joan of Arc - Armagnacs - Charles VII - Orleans.

Montpensier - “The High Thinkers.”

Coat of arms - The White Fortress looking over the Fleur d’Lys.

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       This is the Société secrète des Jacobins explaining finally what happened to instigate the French Revolution! Basically, the Carolingians returned to France in the person of "Pretender King" Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans, who sought to wrest France back from Hugh Capet. The secret society of Jacobins, in France, sought to work out a reclamation to the Throne for Charlemagne and executed King Louis XVI. Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orleans, from what was known as the "cadet branch of the Bourbons," became King of France, however, the Capetians got revenge by killing the new Jacobin King through Capetian King Louis Philippe III (the actual son of Bourbon-Capetian Louis Philippe I "the Fat"). The French Revolution was so ruthless that Charlemagne's line almost did in fact go extinct. But it did not.

         Read Charlemagne d'Orleans to understand the motives behind the French Revolution. Although it is commonly understood to be a Marxist Revolution over money, in actuality, it was something very different. It sets the stage in the modern European Theatre for today. 

A Carolingian Scion or Heir to the Throne lives in France today.

Philippe II, Duke of Orléans

Grandfather of Louis-Philippe I (the Fat")
Wikipedia - Public Domain

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