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The Secret Society of Jacobites reveals the missing storyline we have been waiting for as Judeo-Christians. Roman Catholic Prophecies that have been enshrouded in secrecy for centuries come to light in this historically accurate non-fiction book wherein Jacob of Israel and Charlemagne of France foretell how the King shall return in reality and in modern times to reclaim and restore the nearly vanquished Throne of the Kingdom of God. This book delineates the saga of a blood feud between the Carolingians and the Capetians for the Throne of France.

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The Secret Society of Jacobites reveals freemason knowledge about our religious organization heaven bent on Theosis, which is a process of evolution in becoming incarnate angels. Although the story is set up with the premise that a descendant of Jacob (Israel) and Charlemagne (France) will reclaim the Throne of the Kingdom of God, this book invites everyone to join the royal Family of Light and Love in the New World Order that combines Church and State!

The Great Pyramid in the National Museum of France.

Architects: I.M. Pei (Chinese-American)

Location: Louvre Palace, 75001 Paris, France

Project Year: 1989

Of note: Pyramids from Egyptian times were the tomb of Kings and Pharaohs.

The transparent design is a testimony to the French willingness to display to all the world, that their French King is indeed dead, perhaps forever?

In this book, the Secret Society of Jacobites, who masterminded the French Revolution, comes forth from the shadows to tell their story. The historical account starting with the Reign of Charlemagne to the Stuarts in Scotland and England to modern time as the Orleanists in French Royalty aims to share their motives for engineering these social, political, and economic upheavals from the Jacobite Rebellion to the Bastille. This is a religiously based secret organization with good intentions. Get into the minds of these Freemasons. Read about what they want....from the source himself, Charlemagne. Before you stop to criticize and judge, and react out of fear, read the book. It is a profound tale, albeit, the Secret Society of Jacobites is not well understood, until now. There was war between the Carolingian Jacobites and the Capetians, a Royal Blood feud, if you will......that is the Truth.

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     My name is Billy Pae. About 4 years ago, I was approached by a stranger who gave me a manila folder with some documents in it. He gave me a small sum of money on the condition that I compose a book from the contents of the folder as cogently and completely as possible. I laughed at the time, and accepted his challenge. He told me things about my future that came true, he seemed to know things about me. He gave me his “business card,” but the phone number never worked, and there was no such address in Omaha, Nebraska, and I never saw him again.

     When I got home and looked at the documents in the manila folder, I found that it had to do with French Royalty. There was a collection of links to photos on the internet that I downloaded from Wikipedia apparently available as Royalty Free public domain and there were numerous handwritten letters and genealogical lines. There were sigils and angelic symbols. There were mysteries presented as koans and puzzles, and three years after having started the process of unraveling an apparent Roman Catholic mystery, I discovered that there was a message in the writings from the Secret Society of Jacobites.

     It took me a year to write and compose. I wrestled with God and came to the conclusion that that stranger had given me a revelation I had to reveal to the world. This was no ordinary message for the world. Not only was this book to be a work of non-fiction. It was to be something “heaven sent.” This was like a message from the other side.

     Initially, I thought the secret imparted herein from the Secret Society of Jacobites was too risqué to publish. And yes, I thought it seemed doubtful that their secret would be so dark and yet so redeeming.  But, the more I delved into their mysteries, the more I found that the things within these pages were Truth. And so, I worked hard to try to transcribe their records and documents as accurately as possible. This book is a Testament to the possible return of the Kingdom of God. This book reveals the secrets of an international secret society that seems to have included the Jacobites and the Jacobins of notorious Revolutions that apparently were not understood, until now. Read on, if you dare. You might find, that even you have a trace of Royal  blood?

     I have no connection, other than what I confess to above as truth, with the infamous Secret Society of Jacobites.


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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

Join the Revolution for God!

Book - European Royalty - British, Scottish, and French History

Houses of Stuart & D’Orleans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

Recommended ​​​Books of Interest
For more background information on Emperor Charlemagne...

The Dark Ages - Video from the Discovery Channel

​​​Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orleans (1725-1785)

Original title in Latin: Vita Caroli Magni,

The Life of Charlemagne,

by Einhard the Frank.

There are several versions of this biography available today. This biographical and historical work offers insight into the personality and character of Charlemagne the man, as annotated by his contemporaneous friend Einhard, a member of his court in 830 A.D.. This is a pleasant, personable, and probably good and accurate account of the history of Charlemagne.

Note: The title of our book "The Secret Reclamation" in the video was changed to "Revolution for God: The Royal Bloodline: The Caroligian History."

Secret Society of Jacobites in the BBC News
Secret Society of Jacobites in the News

While watching this video, keep in mind it was a much darker time. Times have changed.....

Surely, we can be civil and rational about this peaceful reclamation to the rightful heirs to the kingdom?

 French King Louis Philippe II Joseph D’ Orleans (1747-1793)

Philippe Egalite. Jacobite King.

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Of interest is this unaffiliated site with a reference to Dan Brown's the Da Vinci Code's mysterious architectural signs of the "Elite" constructing a French Zion in the past. Bertouli(?) and a star of David?

This book explains that there has been waged a  secret holy war in France intent on forming a new kind of government not unlike that of England called a Royal Democracy.

The Secret Jacobite Account of the Carolingian History

"A scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome and behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans. He shall destroy the Ottoman Empire and all heresies. With the assistance of God and of the Pope, he will cooperate in the reformation of abuses; he will assume the direction of temporal governments; he will assign a decent pension to the Pope and also the bishops and clergy. And they all will live in peace which shall last till the End of Time."


- Roman Catholic Prophecy - Capuchin Friar (18th century).

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English Royalty from Wessex to Stuart to Windsor (Herein exists the Jacobite connection).

Secret Society of Jacobites in Scotland Now

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English Prince Bonnie Charles Stuart (1720-1788)

Portrait by Louis Gabriel Blanchet in 1739

Jacobite Secret: Of the Two Houses pictured above,

Who is the likely Father of the person pictured below?