About the Secret Society of Jacobites

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

- Hebrews 13:2. King James Version.

Book - European Royalty - British, Scottish, and French History

Houses of Stuart & D’Orleans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

British & French History according to la Société secrète des Jacobites
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​The Secret Society of Jacobites exists to mysteriously help build the Kingdom of God. We are a community of Royalty who strives to become angels or saints in wholehearted agreement with the teachings of Jesus Christ in Truth and with the Commandments of the God of Jacob.

We are hard working sons and daughters of God who practice love and seek prosperity to further the interests of Humanity.

We work as Freemasons establishing the New World Order in preparation for the coming Kingdom of God as prophesied by Jesus Christ, Charlemagne, Jacob of Israel, and many countless others who have sacrificed for the cause of mankind's pursuit of happiness, divinity, and perfection in Life, Virtue, Honor, Truth, and Theosis.

We strive for the betterment of mankind as brothers and sisters of One Monarchical Family in Love. God is Love. We become gods and goddesses through communion in partaking of the Tree of Life, which was and is the Cross. Let us become Love.

We who become initiated in the Secret Society of Jacobites enter into Psion. We seek after the Preternatural gifts from God. We seek to unify the Churches into a coherent, global understanding of the ineffable, yet good God of All. Holy, Holy, Holy is God. In this aim, we strive to attain the goal.

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