This book is a profound mystery. It could be true or it could be a work of fiction. It could be about the fulfillment of Roman Catholic Prophecies. It heralds the literal return of a Scion or descendant of Charlemagne (considered by many to be the father of France) to the Throne of France. It starts off historically and goes through actual familial pedigrees of real family lines that exist today. It brings into the realm of possibility the existence of an heir of Charlemagne who lives today in France in the "Pretender" Orleans Family. 

     This is a Christian book for historians, theologians, and everyday followers of Jesus Christ. This book tries to lay out the path for a literal return of a king to restore the kingdom of God on earth that has been crestfallen since the Bastille. For, not only were the "rich" overthrown by the "working class," but also were the clergy, king, and ultimately God.
     The Secret Society of Jacobites believes God to be a necessary and good element in life. The proletariats, to have robbed the French society and culture of its many saints and the Fleur de-Lys, robbed France of its virtue. The Jacobites hope to return that Virtue to France.
     This book will likely be as controversial as it is challenging to the French. After all, they do not seem to want a king and consider the Revolution to have been the definitive statement against Royalty. The commoners, or so it is believed, beheaded and killed their king and sent him to the tomb or Glass Pyramid in the Louvre for all the world to marvel about as the moral victory for the common man. But the Jacobites argue that it was not about the general rejection of kings, but it was a literal Royal Blood Feud where the victor claims himself to be the rightful head of the Family of France. And the Jacobites and the Jacobins together with other key players rightfully helped mastermind the downfall of the rogues Capet during the Revolution and put the Carolingian Heir on the Throne of France in the person of King  Philippe Egalite of Orleans.
     Man toppled God. That is the essence of what most common French citizens believe happened in the Revolution at the Bastille. The commoners ousted the rich and mighty from the church spires and castle rooftops of the world. However, what if that is an incorrect understanding of what truly happened?

     What if the Revolution had been orchestrated by a militant Carolingian faction in an act of revenge upon the Capetians? ​

If there had been a secret, would it not have been controversial?

Roman Catholic prophecies?

​What was the secret of the Secret Society of Jacobites?

Read on.​...

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