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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

Join the Revolution for God!

Book - European Royalty - British, Scottish, and French History

Houses of Stuart & D’Orleans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

     Our book is about the fulfillment of Roman Catholic Prophecies. It heralds the literal return of a Scion or descendant of Charlemagne (considered by many to be the father of France) to the Throne of France. It may seem to be a daunting task to try to change the minds of the millions of French following the French Revolution that a king is even necessary. But we hope to change their collective mind by revealing our secrets, perhaps reshaping history through revelations of little known truths regarding European history to usher in Christendom started years ago by Charlemagne himself. This is a Christian book for historians, theologians, and everyday followers of Jesus Christ. This book tries to lay out the path for a literal return of a king to restore the kingdom of God on earth that has been crestfallen since the Bastille. For, not only were the "rich" overthrown by the "working class," but also were the clergy, king, and ultimately God.

     We believe God to be a necessary and good element in life. To have robbed the French society and culture of its many saints and the Fleur de-Lys, has been a theft of its virtue. We hope to return that Virtue to France.

     This book will likely be as controversial as it is challenging to the French. After all, they do not seem to want a king as evidenced in their Glass Pyramid. They beheaded and killed their king and sent him to the tomb in the Louvre for all the world to marvel about as the moral victory for the common man. But we argue that the Capetian kings were actually usurpers of the true Carolingian Throne. So, there has been a literal Royal Blood Feud for the family of France. And we rightfully helped mastermind the downfall of the rogues Capet during the Revolution to put the Carolingian Heir or Scion from Orleans on the Throne of France, even 200 years ago today.

     We do not consider the king to be a concept hostile to France. In fact, we believe the nobility,  royal family, and even clergy with God still to hold a sacred place in the heart of most French. We wish to rekindle that flame. We hope to heal the nation from a wound they suffered maybe without realizing it? We hope for a return of the Lilies to the paradise that is France, and then beyond to the kingdom that will hopefully encircle the world.

Join us for the peaceful Revolution for God.