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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

Book - European Royalty - British, Scottish, and French History


"Monarch Prophecies:Charlemagne Returns"

Houses of Stuart & D’Orleans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

"Monarch Prophecies:Charlemagne Returns"

​by the Secret Society of Jacobites

     We sincerely believe our book would appeal to many interested Christians, French, British, Catholics, and many interested other peoples worldwide. Prophecies about the Great French Monarch have circulated for many years now. It is about time those prophecies were to come true. It is of no use to have prophecies that never come to fruition. All in God's time, and yet, maybe we can usher in the beginning of a return to Christendom and perhaps herald the beginning of the Parousia of Jesus Christ. The Great Monarch and the Angelic Pope come first, then our Lord and Saviour. Perhaps, we have the keys of truth to the doors of the Kingdom of God?
     There is a lot on the line. We realize the Secret Society of Jacobites has a dark reputation, but the secrets kept are for good reason. We also believe in God. We want to work with the Catholic Church to help bring the earth closer to heaven. We are Zionists, we want a New World Order under God. But we know we are misunderstood somewhat. Please help us shed this illusion of fear that cloaks us. We have good news in God to share with the world.
     Some events in history occurred, and we are not proud of these incidents. Bonnie Charles Stuart may have committed adultery, and we can focus on that and lose sight of today. Because, we must also realize, as a result of that sin, much akin to King David and Bathsheba, there is hope in a descendant who now lives in France?
    Can the intact Carolingian line be absolutely proven on paper through genealogical and historical records 100%? Absolutely not. The records are not neatly intact and some were probably never even recorded since 800AD. In fact, some of the acts of the Carolingian descendants may have been covered up and hidden in the wars against the Capetians, Plantagenets, Merovingians, and others.
       If we are able to recognize the weakness of mankind, then perhaps you can also appreciate the real-ness of the historical account of the line of Charlemagne to modern times. The genealogical line may seem tenuous at points. It may seem to break down, but there are clues of a tenacious and fierce spirit fighting to fulfill Roman Catholic Prophecy. There is a spirit of a lion king who takes after a Good Shepherd. If he, namely Charlemagne and even Bonnie Charles Stuart, did not sin, there would have been no need for the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.
      We all have God's work to do. Ideally, there would be no sin, but pragmatically, there are issues that we all have to deal with in the pages of this book. The Holy Bible itself is full of tales of iniquity that must be offered the Graces of God. Confession exists with the presumption that mankind is fallen. And the priest usually forgives us afterwards much as God does when we ask in humility and with contrition.
       If we can take off the blinders, and see as God does, we can see, truly a miracle is in the making here. An age old prophecy about a coming king seems to be true now. If so, then how much more true, will the Second Coming of the sinless Saviour be?
     Please feel free to read “Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns.” It is an important time piece.

English Edition

ISBN 978-0-578-73008-0

$16.95 Paperback

*Book Release November 2, 2020*

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