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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

Book - European Royalty - British, Scottish, and French History

Join the Revolution for God!

Houses of Stuart & D’Orleans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

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The risks and challenges to our project is that many people in France resent the notion of a king. However, it is believed, a Carolingian king may be welcomed, whereas a Capetian king of the dark ages, may have fallen as masterminded by the freemasons in the days of the Bastille.

There is some inkling of the British Windsors being Carolingian that is also discussed in the book. Like in England, the rightful French Royal Family should reign over France, but with the elected President serving as the Prime Minister or Governor of France. Like in England, the French king would not restore a monarchy, but rather, serve as the cultural head the family of France as a royal democracy or republic. The Carolingian King should be respected for the heritage of France, as a figurehead so to speak, like in England.​

Welcome Asia!

Yes, that is right, Asia. We have noticed a lot of visitors from Asia to this webpage. If you can read English or French, please read the Revolution for God. The book briefly discusses Taoism and Shintoism. The spirituality of Elohim and Theosis relates strongly to Shintoism, in fact, they may be very similar! The Eastern Tao is the same as the Western Way. Harmony is Love. God is Love.

Make peace, China and Russia. We must evolve together to attain divinity! Let us make love and become friends, instead of make war until mutually assured destruction. There is so much hope after Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump forged ahead the way to possible peace. We all must sacrifice to attain peace. Communism is somewhat flawed in that you have lost your Chinese and Russian heritage? Capitalism is not perfect, but we have to get along. We hope you like the book. God bless all of us. The Mandate of Heaven is a worldwide phenomenon. We hope you agree? Shalom and Paz. Peace, brothers in God.