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Jean d'Orleans does not seem to deny the implications of our Secret?

Is the new King of France rightfully also Carolingian????


Topics for consideration in Macron's Debate

Suggestions for France

(These are in no way intended to be construed as demands. These are merely offerings for helping to restore the peace in France).

1) Constitutional changes to establish a British-like Royal Republic offering up the Orleanist family as the titular Royal Family of France.

2) Expelling the disruptive Muslims from France. Stronger immigration standards.

3) Lower taxes dramatically for all, however, taxing the wealthy "nobility" higher than the "common French." Maybe tax the Royal Family and nobility at 40-50% and the "poor" at 10-20% with a sliding scale between the rich and the poor.

4) Less French Military action abroad.

​5) Less government spending overall. Less spending for Europe in general, more domestic spending for the French. Less importance on financing Greece, Ireland, and such....(let the Greeks, Irish, Italians, and Spanish print money in the short term).

​6) Dissolve the trade unions. Let the French work where they want to work.

7) More free enterprise and capitalistic opportunities.

8) Allow the French to enjoy life and be happier.

We hope these suggestions for debate help France.