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What if.....your reality was not true?

English Color Print Edition: $16.99

English Color Ebook Edition: $7.99

Second edition

as of ​June 24, 2021

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Let us bring back the Founding Father, the rightful King!

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Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

Book - European Royalty - Carolingian, Scottish, and French History​

Houses of Charlemagne, Stuart, & Orléans

Secret Society of Jacobites - Société secrète des Jacobites

French Color Print Edition: 14,99 Euros

French Color Ebook Edition: 6,99 Euros

Second Edition

​as of June 24, 2021

Imagine living in a time when Gods walked the earth. Kings fought against each other. War dominated the world and estates were won by feuds. Ferocious leaders demanded fealty and loyalty by the sword. Imagine living in a world of treachery and betrayal amidst nobility and honor. Women were either innocent doves, angelic and saintly or brooding vixens, fiendish and conniving gossips imbruing the world with magic incantations, spells and hexes.

In this time, historians tried to weave a tale like a tapestry holds together individual strands of life line fibers into an overall design or picture of society. Duels ended critically important political lives, mercenaries overturned the chariots of armies, startled horses threw off princes, and guillotines beheaded royalty. These scroll keepers, these time keepers, these record keepers, these story tellers then put together the major tales and interwove those stories into interrelated themes that then attempted to explain human nature journeying through time.

Except, what happens when those story tellers overlook pertinent incidents or facts in the developments of time? What happens when historians fail to understand all the pieces to the puzzle. What happens when the professors of Occidental history never figure out what truly happened, but put together an incoherent and incomplete picture of certain times and places, persons and events, and miss certain significant events? What if, there were secrets that evaded historic revelation? What if sin in punishing and strict Christian times kept certain facts undisclosed and shame fought against the divulging of truth? When we steal, cheat, or lie, we tend to withhold such incidents from exposure into the light of day. Why would we reveal our infirmities and show to all our evil natures? We would not!

And so, similarly in these glorious times of yesteryear and medieval chivalry and wonder, secrets were kept by certain memberships in society. And, of course, historical records waned incomplete and misconstrued. Genealogical lines never recorded illegitimate children from illicit affairs, which were taboo and forbidden, if not considered so disgraceful and adulterous, that those demigods who stooped to such sinister revelry were scorned, shunned, and even killed for the sake of executing the judgment of God Himself.

We present some historical facts that were kept in the dark, and we bring them out into the light. Study the facts for yourselves. See that another reality comes forth from the dust and ashes of the past. Find that the prophets of the past seemed to know about the lurkings behind the scenes by Satan as they foretold of events that disgusted the proud Church of Rome.

How does your understanding of history change by reading “Modern Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns” by the Secret Society of Jacobites?

These were the times of Gods fighting against the Devils, Saints preaching to sinners, virgins praying for witches, and Magi and anti-christ Judas Iscariots backstabbing and kissing us on the cheek for blood. What is the truth? What were the lies told in shaping the nations of France and Scotland? Who are these royal families? Who were these people? And how did they live their lives?

Who was Charlemagne? Who were the Capetians? And if European history is a chronicle of War, then what do the Coat of Arms tell us time travelers living in their future? Who are we as human beings, and where are we going?

What would you say if I told you Charlemagne’s descendants may still live on earth as royalty in France, Austria, and maybe Scotland, and England? What difference does it make? Well, what is everything you know, is not true? What if what you were taught in school was not completely accurate or true?

What if there are powers that be or authorities in the world who rule the earth in such a way that history does not make sense until the skeletons come out of the closets, and we all face facts. Humankind is not always good, perhaps we cannot be, perhaps we cannot attain such perfection of goodness. But still, there are redeeming qualities we all have despite our possibly fallen natures. We have grace to lift us up to innocence and resurrection and rebirth, but perhaps history must traverse the valley of death, the “fire swamps,” the dungeons of hell, and the dark recesses of the mind, heart, and soul to put together this play we all take part in on stage of this world theatre we call life.

Do you want to know the truth? Or do you want to just believe the demigods, the rulers of the world, who lie somewhat to keep us uninformed and stupid.

There does seem to be a war going on between truth and the lie, between the light and the dark, between good and the evil. Who is winning this war, and on which side do you stand?

Read this book about Charlemagne, prophecies come true, and our eschatological state of existence. Do you care to know the truth about reality? Or will you continue to stay in a matrix of lies fast sleep. Do you dare wake up? It is in truth, kind of a crazy, but great world. Do you feel lost everyday? Does life seem pointless? Maybe Big Brother wants you to stay uninformed. The Secret Society of Jacobites thinks it pays to know the truth. Read this book. You might be surprised how wrong historians have synthesized the story of mankind.

Why do you care if history is wrong? Why do you
not care if history is wrong?

Believe. Truth or Lie. Discover history for yourself. There are so many things wrong in the world today…..maybe, we need a good king to return to romance, and maybe true love? Yes? Maybe we need to wake up from these zombie dreams where we are like living drones eeking out a living to invent the latest gizmo, make a fortune, write the next hit radio song, or become the next revered President or world leader.

Is it possible to become a god or goddess? Are the times of kings and queens truly gone forever because we outgrew such magical notions? Maybe you will grow invisible wings on your back, earn your haloes, and you can join a higher mission for God. Read this awesome book.

​It might just change your life.