The Glorious Revolution of 1688 in Great Britain led and masterminded by Dutch outsider William the Orange resulted in a loss of great power in Western Europe. Roman Catholic Charlemagne was moving to rise to power in a union of England, Scotland, Ireland, and France in a United Kingdom of God. The Dutch were astute enough to look over and notice that a Royal Powerhouse was imminent.

Whether planned or not, the British failed to realize that they were under Satanic attack. James I of England and VI of Scotland was a wise military and civil leader. However, James II lacked military courage and was thought to believe in secret that war went against the will of God. James II felt convicted at the thought of murder for the sake of his own familial power and therefore meekly allowed the Kingdom of God to nearly go extinct.

The Dutch knew that power came with the Roman Catholic Church, so William sauntered over to England and knowingly schemed to weaken the moral resolve of the English commoners. Instead of obeying the strict and powerful Roman Catholic Church, William taught the English to rebel and liberalize their thought processes to forgive sin instead of avoid it. William the Dutch brought over Calvinism to weaken the conviction in the divine right of kings. William the Orange basically set fire to Great Britain, and the British welcomed weakness. Consider, after the Act of Settlement whereby the Catholic Stuart House fell to the Protestant Hanover House, the Americans successfully fought off the their English Kingdom in the American Revolution. And consider, eventually, the British empire was clandestinely defeated by William the Orange, an anti-Carolingian Protestant, that had a ripple effect on France culminating in the toppling of the French Kingdom of God through the French Revolution.

Permit a brief digression here please.

Consider, the waning moral principles and the liberalization of religious standards, requiring more and more grace, led to the decline of European power on earth.

Colonization took power to do. Where did this power come from? God.

When the people were in line with God, the nations of Europe had dominion over others. When the English and French peoples rebelled and beheaded their founding fathers and national Guardian Angels, they essentially toppled themselves. Although it may not be known, William the Orange was an assassin of ultimately England and France because the Dutch feared a Carolingian empire. In fact, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of Germany and Austria maybe also would have become a part of the renewed and powerful Holy Roman Empire.

Now, is it too late to resurrect the Kingdom of God? Why would we? The kings preached absolutism and divine right while leading lives of debauchery. What moral example did they set? They indeed did not set the bar too high for us to abide by in our humble lives, but the Church also brought stability and prosperity. A healthy Church prospers, and its followers and believers hopefully, despite some bad example set by some royalty, become good, God fearing faithful.

Why do we need a Kingdom of God? Why do we need a king? Power, glory, and righteousness. Not only the king, but also all the peoples attain a measure and degree of divinity as blessed by God. This spirit of rebellion against God is a spirit of weakness and disarray. It is a spirit of Chaos. It is animosity. It is a spirit of hate and crime.

We need to respect the founder of France, the provider for Great Britain, and the unifier of the Holy Roman Empire into a Family of One under God.

God seems to have come to the New World, namely America, over the past two centuries. God’s country. “In God we trust” is emblazoned on American money. The Battle Hymn of the Republic sings “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord.” Our military once was required to pray, “So help me God.” Americans used to proudly pledge our allegiance to “one nation under God.”

Is God’s favor waning in liberalizing America? Could the Kingdom of God return to Europe if she allows it? Should we return to the Roman Catholic Church and walk into her doors for communion once again?

St. Joan of Arc & Emperor Charlemagne ring true as French royalty. But, perhaps, the family of Carolingian Scions throughout the world may be able to help England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Brazil, and Monaco return to true Grace in power with God. Can there be a return to holiness and saintliness? Can we once again attain divinity and enlightenment? Can we finish the completion of Zion that was once begun underground in Paris and beyond?

One thing that is not understood today is spiritual power. Preternatural gifts seem to be lacking of late. These include gifts of mental control (dominion), supernatural protection, infused knowledge, immortality through reincarnation and its conscious cognizance, and self-discipline. We watch movies amazed by Marvel and DC superheroes. Manga fascinates us. But, whether known or not, these psychic superpowers were common in the Church elite and proper Royalty. Nowadays, having been Protestantized and liberalized by a spirit of religious boredom, most no longer have such powers from God. Not only does the world medicate psychic phenomenon, we turn a blind eye to the devil, who continues to work in the souls of humanity, albeit society seems to respect Satan, and yet, not God.

Interestingly, the Roman Catholic Church no longer has Exorcists who understand the unseen holy war. Even most priests are dwindling in understanding the spiritual realities in life. Many seem to be losing faith, meaning in life, hope. Some of our stars of late have committed suicide and snuffed their own lights out. Without hope, and without a moral push to come to God, we as a society will continue to journey through Ecclesiastes until, like King Solomon, we lose everything we believe in and find nothing. If we want to be happy in life, we must return to religion. Please see this wisdom.

We are at war. Do you feel it? Do you see it? Do you recognize the machinations of the devil?

William the Orange was an attack against goodness. He seemingly single-handedly attacked and nearly conquered the United Kingdom. And, for the most part, the wicked thing about it is, many British and French glorify their respective revolutions as ingenious, when actually, they were duped and defeated by a Dutch ruse to keep them from joining together and rising to power in a lasting Alliance of Holy Power. The English and French in time, have come to welcome the slight. They each mocked, denigrated and sometimes beheaded their own leaders and voted to make William the Orange their king. What wickedness? The shallow naivety does not even have the courage to feel embarrassed, shamed, or worse, slighted. The only one Glorified in the Glorious Revolution was apparently a very smart mastermind, a lying dutchman.

The Act of Settlement must be repealed for the sake of the United Kingdom on earth.

Do we return to fiefdom? No, democracy must stay. Do we renounce the Windsor family in favor of the Jacobites? No, the Windsors are Carolingian Stuarts technically. That is the beauty of it. For the sake of tradition and national heritage, we should honor the founding families of those nations to be included in the United Kingdom, who should ideally come under Petros Romanos and the Church of Jerusalem. Let us establish a royal democracy or republic with a royal example, role model, figurehead, and guardian angel family for each nation in the Kingdom of God. Why, invite the Dutch too. We can start a New World Order, a diverse Family of God around the world.

Let us honor God.

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