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This was apparently a sketch by Antoine duc d'Montpensier of himself and his brother Charles, count of Beaujolais, in prison at Marseilles, where they allegedly contracted tuberculosis. Notice the "reunion" scene depicted in 1797 with their very short brother Louis Philippe III entering the room on the left and the two imprisoned brothers on the right. The height of the French soldier in the unlocked and opened doorway gives an indication of the smaller stature of Louis Philippe III? It evokes a strange curiosity about their outstretched hands foreshadowing the story about the refusal by Louis Philippe III to provide Louis Antoine of ether for the breathing treatment at Salthill in 1807?

When the three brothers were in exile in America and outside France, all three used aliases to travel around safely. Did French royalty fear for their lives? Surely, they hid amidst the turmoil around the French Revolution. They had just been imprisoned and their father guillotined, in part, with the help of their brother, who was not also imprisoned in Marseilles. Why?

It is strange that two princes were not interred until 1818 for Charles, count of Beaujolais in Malta, and Antoine until 1830 in Westminster Abbey. Did Antoine and Charles die in 1807 and 1808 in truth? Or were they evading Napoleon and the French Republic? It is strange that when they looked in Antoine's tomb, a certain Lady Savoy's bones were in his tomb in 1810? Antoine's remains were thought to be kept in a tomb in Randan Estates where Adelaide resided until it burned to the ground around 1825. And strangely, Antoine's sarcophagus was not closed with his bones interred properly until 1830, the year Capetian Louis Philippe III took the Throne.

Was there war in the Orleanist house due to an affair with Charles Stuart, British royalty? Did unrelated "brothers" Antoine and Louis Philippe III come to fight about their royal rights to the throne? Did Louis Philippe take the throne in 1830 after dismissing his brothers? Did Capetian Louis Philippe III help and conspire to decapitate his alleged father King Louis Philippe Joseph? Why did Louis Philippe III marry the niece of Marie Antoinette, wife of Capetian Louis XVI? And again, did Louis Philippe III purposefully deny Antoine his ether in a fabricated story intended to cover up or hide Antoine's death in 1807? Maybe Antoine did not die in 1807 in Windsor, England? There may be a mystery there too, after all, why was he buried with the Stuarts in Westminster Abbey? Perhaps, yellow-haired Antoine did not die childless? Charlotte Rawdon died in 1823. Perhaps the two forbidden lovers birthed Raphael in 1814 and Henri of Aumale in 1822, both of yellow hair!

Continuing on, then that might explain why Raphael was spurned by Louis Philippe III for the throne? Only Ferdinand was blessed by his father Louis Philippe III. After auburn-haired Albert died along with his son, Robert, the Orleanist Capetian line went extinct.

It is thought, in remorse for his machinations for the throne, Louis Philippe III looked after Raphael and Henri, possible sons of Antoine, although both were never blessed to reign by the last Monarch in France. Why? They might not have been the sons of Louis Philippe III, who was truly the son of Louis Philippe I, (the fat).... that then brings forth the issue of tall and blond Robert, father of Jean of Guise. Is tall and blond Carolingian-Stuart (Jacobite) descent in the Orleanist French family? It gets confusing because there were two sons named Robert, but was the father of Jean of Guise, Robert, fathered by Raphael, who was fathered by Antoine, fathered by Joseph, fathered by Charles Stuart, descendant of Charlemagne? If by the looks of it, yes, there is Carolingian blood in a cadet branch of the Orleanist line in France today. If physical appearances alone and historical inferences hint at a secret Carolingian Scion in France, then Roman Catholic prophecies have come true.

*    *    *    *    *

Everything feels backwards in modern day France.

Contemporary France resists God. French people don Yellow Vests and riot in the streets!

The Profane attack the Holy. Arsonists burn down Notre Dame. Muslims have invaded Carolingian lands. The Royal Family has been expelled from their home in France? What is happening to a once idyllic lifestyle? Where has French culture gone?

Where are the saints of the past? What has happened to Royalty? What has happened to the Core or Heart of France? Numb. Dim. Senseless. Where is this all going?

The search for identity in France starts by looking at the past, except the truth is hard to bear..... Is it all about war over money. Socialism over religion? Power and secret coups? 

What has France lost? Her king.

*     *     *     *     *

Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

France might have a Carolingian King!

This book attempts to piece together a mystery that was hidden in secret. Many historical fragments come together in this grand book to fulfill Roman Catholic European French Monarch Prophecies. This book masterfully shines new light on historic events that may have seemed meaningless or at best, strange to a casual historian. However, when the lines of important events connect the dots of seeming unrelated or even unimportant details, they no longer seem trivial. Instead, one begins to see the hand of God guiding humanity, France in particular, back to heaven despite what may appear to have been the fall of the Kingdom of God with the beheading of Capetian King Louis XVI and possibly Carolingian King Louis Joseph Philippe Orleans.

Maybe there is an overarching saga wherein man is fighting against God over holiness and saintliness. Has France fallen from its divinity? Is there a mysterious connection to the holiness of its sacrosanct past and history?

"What if" is the primary question answered and proposed by this book. "What if" there is a cadet branch of the Orleans family who is Carolingian? "What if" there is a modern day connection to Christendom? So what, most cynical French might say. But really, "what if" there could be a King and a royal family restored in France? "What if" the king, a rightful Carolingian king, could be restored onto the Throne of France in a constitutional monarchy, a Royal Republic? Wouldn't that be grand?

Instead of displaying for the world a glass pyramid celebrating the death of the Patron Founding Father of France, instead of glorifying the violent end of the Kingdom of God, instead of showing off that the French had decapitated their own Royal Family, why not embrace history and heritage and restore a possible Carolingian Scion to the throne of France, a living king in Versailles. No one is in the glass tomb in the Louvre. Look!

​​If the Carolingian Royal family in France is restored, does that not mean the entire nation of France is restored to divinity? Is French royalty? The French must decide. Read this book and decide.

France lives!

For the price of a latte, you could buy the eBook, and perchance, be visited by the spirit of Charlemagne.

Rendezvous in the cafe, my brothers and sisters? Legends and modern folklore. Drink, read, and be merry!

Don't forget to add a little sugar as you sit outside and look good sipping sweetness from this grand book.

Espresso + Steamed milk + Sugar + "Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns" = A very good time!

*      *      *      *       *

Tomb in Westminster Abbey, England

Antoine Philippe, duc d'Montpensier 

Son of French King Louis Philippe II Joseph d'Orleans

Wikipedia commons 2020.

Monarch Prophecies:

Charlemagne Returns

Mysteries Uniting the British & French Pretenders

*      *      *      *      *

How is it that French Orleanist royalty is buried with the British Stuarts in Westminster Abbey in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Abbey that was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary or Madonna? Was there a genealogical relationship between the Orleanists, the Stuarts, and the Carolingians? This book answers yes, there is a direct connection.

How does all of this connect to Emperor Charlemagne? Who is Judicael Beringer? How does this relate to the Jacobites and Bonnie Charles Stuart? What is the United Kingdom?

Read "Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns" to find the answers to a deep secret as kept by the Secret Society of Jacobites. Note the robe emblazoned with the Fleur de Lys and the book on his chest secured by his right hand.