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Everything feels backwards in modern day France.

Contemporary France resists God. French people don Yellow Vests and riot in the streets!

The Profane attack the Holy. Arsonists burn down Notre Dame. Muslims have invaded Carolingian lands. The Royal Family has been expelled from their home in France? What is happening to a once idyllic lifestyle? Where has French culture gone?

Where are the saints of the past? What has happened to Royalty? What has happened to the Core or Heart of France? Numb. Dim. Senseless. Where is this all going?

The search for identity in France starts by looking at the past, except the truth is hard to bear..... Is it all about war over money. Socialism over religion? Power and secret coups? 

What has France lost? Her king.

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Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

France might have a Carolingian King!


Monarch Prophecies:

Charlemagne Returns

Mysteries of the French Pretenders

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        How is it that French Orleanist royalty is buried with the British Stuarts in Westminster Abbey in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Abbey that was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary or Madonna? Was there a genealogical relationship between the Orleanists, the Stuarts, and the Carolingians? This book answers yes, there is a direct connection.

How does this relate to the Jacobites and Bonnie Charles Stuart? 

Read "Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns" to find the answers to a deep secret as kept by the Secret Society of Jacobites. Note the robe emblazoned with the Fleur de Lys and the book on his chest secured by his right hand.

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An idea can become a concept!

Concepts build constructs.

Intelligence creates social order.

Ideals lift society to new heights.

Man conceives governments to serve the social good.

​Think about the mystery of Freemasonry.

Revolutions do not require violence.

Civil, societal change could bring forth the heralded New World Order, but what is it?

Are the Jacobites evil?

Or is Genius to be feared?

France lives!

Background for the book

“Monarch Prophecies: The Return of Charlemagne”

​​​​​French Edition

ISBN: 979-10-262-6373-9

Jacob had 12 sons who then formed tribes of the family of Israel. Judah was the son of Jacob’s favored wife Leah, and his tribe became the bearers and keepers of the royal Crown of the nation of Israel. Judah had two sons, elder Perez and the younger Zerah. In Israeli custom, the eldest male child bore the crown. Prince Zerah then bore Darda (or Dara) according to the Holy Bible.

Descendants of elder son of Judah, Perez, apparently fled Israel during the exile north into Germany (Ashkenazi Jews) and established the Kingdom of Hanover, which was defeated by the Prussians. Later the King of Hanover then went to become the king of England. This Windsor royal line married Sophia, the female descendant of the Carolingian-Stuart line in a union of Hanoverian and Carolingian-Stuart. So, interestingly, the Hanovers were descendants of King David, who was the son of Perez of the Tribe of Judah, son of Jacob. In a contest between Perez and Zerah, Perez rightfully was the bearer and keeper of the Crown of the Kingdom of God.

Descendants of the younger son of Judah, Zerah, came through Darda north through Turkey and up into France. Charlemagne allegedly was a descendant of Darda, the Crown Prince of Judah, son of Jacob. The Merovingians were apparently exiles from the Tribe of Dan, and therefore rightfully “gave” the crown to Charlemagne, who had better claim to the Crown through Zerah.

Therefore, Hanover was allowed to “usurp” the Stuart dynasty. Perez has seniority over Terah. This book describes the history of Charlemagne, the plight of his sons in war against the Capetians (who were not Jewish, nor royalty in the eyes of God), and his rise as Stuarts. The rise of the Stuarts gives rise to Scottish claims to royalty as descendants of Charlemagne, and Jacobite Bonnie Charles Stuart works his magic to place the Carolingian line back on the Throne of France.

The modern day families of the Hanovers and Orleanists should therefore rightfully reign in the Kingdom of God. The Hanovers should return to Israel over time to reign as the rightful descendants of the Tribe of Judah from Jerusalem in Israel, or Zion since God has ordered the gradual return of the lost tribes back to the holy promised land. The Orleanists should acquiesce and contemplate the truth of these writings. Could the Orleanists be descendants of Charlemagne, himself a descendant of the Tribe of Judah and thereby Jacob, for whom the Jacobites are named? Could France and Germany hold sacred, holy, and royal bloodlines in the eyes of God? Charlemagne fights for us. Jacob earned the angelic name of Israel, which means “wrestlers for God.”

This does not imply there should be contention for power between Hanover, Windsor, Stuart, and Orleans. Technically, all arise from Jacob. Equality and brotherly love lives harmoniously as a family.

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Tomb in Westminster Abbey, England

Antoine Philippe, duc d'Montpensier 

Son of French King Louis Philippe II Joseph d'Orleans

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